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At Pets in Paris we treat your dogs like family! We reside on-site which ensures your pet’s safety and security at all times.


We offer large 3.1m x 1.2m kennel accommodation for the larger dogs, and a smaller quiet area for the small pooches and our older visitors. Of course, if you are boarding more than one dog from the same household, you can have them share a kennel when they’re visiting us too.


Our feline guests are cared for within our 9 luxury floor-to-ceiling, multi-level cat rooms offering the utmost in relaxation. We also have an additional 8 smaller cat runs. During their stay, your cat will enjoy playtime, soul soothing music and a climate controlled heating and A/C system keeping them cool in summer and snug and warm in winter. Our cat accommodations also feature large windows that can be opened to keep your cat entertained while you are away. Your kitty will also enjoy individual roaming time.


Our full-service dog pampering and grooming salon offers a wide range of services to keep your pooch looking and feeling their best. From bathing and grooming to nail trimming and ear cleaning, our grooming department is fully equipped to handle all types of grooming needs.

Dog grooming services are scheduled as individual appointments or can be added to any day care or boarding services. We are proud to use only quality pet grooming products on all of our furry clients.

Dog Day Care

Dogs in Day Care are separated based on size and temperament. Every new dog joining our ‘play pack’ will undergo a temperament test to determine whether or not group play is a good option for them. This is non negotiable, and is for the safety of all pets and carers involved. From here, we can decide which of our packs they would be best suited to join. Some dogs love a good group play, others just enjoy playing with us, and we love both of these options! Our goal is to keep your pet as happy and comfortable as they are when they’re at home.

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