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We offer large 3.1m x 1.2m kennel accommodation for the larger dogs and a smaller quiet area for the small pooches and our older visitors. Of course, if you are boarding more than one dog from the same household, you can have them share a kennel when they’re visiting us too.

All kennels are separated by a solid wall, so everyone can talk to their neighbours, but they cannot be seen. The flooring is concrete and is cleaned daily to ensure the safest and cleanest environment for your pooch. The indoor kennels are fully heated and air-conditioned and have the radio playing all day. Nice clean water is provided and kept clean all day.

Weather permitting we allow the dogs to play outside in their own Self contained individual grassed area as much as possible.

We supply all food and bedding required for your dog’s stay. However, if you feel they would prefer to eat their own food or sleep on their own comfy bed, you are more than welcome to bring them along too.  We request that any food provided is either cans or dry food as we do not have the capacity to store fresh food. We have a selection of dry foods available including Black Hawk premium dry food as well as Prime 100 cooked loaf. Our snacks and doggy treats are sourced locally.

Prices as at 23 March 2022. Our preferred payment method is EFTPOS.



Small Dogs
$25.00 per dog, per day

Medium Dogs
$27.50 per dog,per day

Large Dogs
$30.00 per dog,per day

Giant Breeds
$35.00 per dog,per day

Executive Suites
Starting at $35.00 per dog, per day

Dangerous Dogs
On application only

EFTPOS is preferred.

Executive Suites

Our Executive Suites are specifically designed as a quiet space for dogs who need a little extra care.

If your dog suffers from epilepsy, blindness, anxiety and surgical recovery or any other special needs the Executive Suites are the perfect option.

The suites are also perfect for a dog that simply needs a little extra personal care.

Executive Suites start at $35.00 per dog, per day.



$15.00 per day

EFTPOS is preferred.


At Pets in Paris we treat your dogs like family! We reside on-site which ensures your pet’s safety and security at all times.

We offer large 3.1 meter x 1.2 meter kennel accommodation for the larger dogs and a smaller quiet area for the small pooches and our older visitors.

Of course, if you are boarding more than one dog you can have them share a kennel so they are together as they are at home (provided they are all owned by the same owner and written permission is granted).

We also have air conditioning throughout all our the kennel complex’s.

Our snacks and doggy treats are locally sourced.


All Cats : $15.00 per day

Our feline guests are cared for within our 9 luxury floor-to-ceiling, multi-level cat rooms offering the utmost in relaxation.

We also have an additional 8 smaller runs. During their stay, your cat will enjoy playtime, soothing music and a climate controlled heating and A/C system keeping them cool in summer and snug and warm in winter.

When it comes to meal time we provide Dine, Fancy Feast and Whiskas as well as premium Black Hawk Grain Free dry food.

Each room is well lit has its own litter box, with Scream Pod Beds and scratch pole. and we only use wood pellet litter, rather than clay or paper, to keep everyone fresh.

Cleaning is done twice daily, and fresh water is always available and checked regularly.

Other Small Animals

We can care for some other animals upon request.

Other Conditions

Current proof of vaccination must be sighted on entry. Dogs will not be accepted for 14 days after re-vaccination.

Medications are $2.50 per day, unless your pet is booked into high care or executive suites.

All costs will be at our discretion and assessment of your pet. Prices can be subject to change once your pet is sighted.

A deposit is required for Christmas bookings. No refunds available for Christmas bookings.

No discount or surcharge if supplying own food.

All funds are to be paid in full when your pet is dropped off.

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